Limitless - Poster & Movie Trailer (2'31'') 2011

I saw this movie last April and was really amazed with the visual effects!



Run Lola Run - Lola Rennt (original title) Posters & Movie Trailer (1'12'') 1998

I saw this movie last January (yeah, only). It's a modern classic! Really original directing!




Maximum the Hormone - A-L-I-E-N (5'40'') 2013

Well this is an interesting music video! Just please stay around until the end!


The Dark Knight Rises - Poster & Movie Trailer (2'20'') 2012

I saw this movie last July. Still not a big fan of the choice of actors for the part of Batman... And as cool as Tom Hardy (as Bane) may be, what's the idea with the voices of Batman and Bane anyway?

Feature Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises on TrailerAddict.



Damon Albarn - Lonely Press Play (3'40'') 2014

Albarn captured footage for the video guerilla-style in a variety of locations including Tokyo, London,Dallas, Utah, Iceland, Colchester, Devon, and North Korea. The video was shot using Albarn's iPad. Albarn told Rolling Stone that his interest in filming his surroundings was tied to a reflective mood he found himself in while working on Everyday Robots. "I started at the beginning by going back to the neighborhood where I grew up and walking around and filming stuff with my iPad," he said. "It was like my own archaeological dig, cordoning off areas that I wanted to concentrate on.

Source: Wikipedia

Recomendação da minha amiga SS


Amália Rodrigues - Barco Negro (4'43'')

Amália Rodrigues sings the fado "Barco Negro" in a scene from Henri Verneuil's 1955 film "Les Amants du Tage".